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The latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence.

DSA '21 Nominee - Organic (Stripe)


Google Shopping is a must if you have a webshop.


Excellent brand awareness for low costs with video ads on Youtube.

WordPress Website

Rise organically in Google results


Advertise on thousands of websites, but only to your target group.


Stay under attention of your (potential) customers every day.

Conversion optimisation

Turn your website into a real customer-generator.


Get the most out of your webshop with Magento 2

Investing in a new website or Digital marketing is investing in the growth of your business. we have significantly increased the number of customers within a year. See what Stars of the Net can do for your company. See what Stars of the Net can do for your company.

Advantages Stars of the Net

Best results, lowest costs

Does someone else guarantee you better results? Then we equal their proposal for a lower price.


Every month we give you an overview of what we have done and when it was done.

Latest techniques

We always take the lead with Marketing Automation, Voice Search and Artificial Intelligence.

17 years of experience with Google Ads

We have been working with Google Adwords since 2004 and followed all developments.

Direct entries at Google

We are in direct contact with many Google specialists, so the lines are concise.

Online Marketing Bureau

There are probably thousands of people waiting for your business and eager to do business with you but they don’t know your business yet. With the latest techniques in Artificial Intelligence, we trace these people and show them what you have to offer them.

If you’re working hard for your business and you believe in the product you’re selling, you should want to show it to the people who can appreciate it, right? We make your business visible to the customers who need your business, but for some reason don’t know about the benefits of your offer yet.

Are your potential customers on the Internet? Then we’ll find them for you, no matter in which industry you are operating.

Prices digital marketing

Is an digital marketing agency too expensive for me?

It’s not that expensive. Mapping your “Customer Journey” and determining the right resources remains human work. However, we see this as an investment in our possible future cooperation, so we do this for free.

We will then continue to use the marketing resources that are most effective for your business. Because we have automated this to a large extent and work with many digital tools, we do this very efficiently and effectively. Because we use Artificial Intelligence, many self-learning mechanisms are behind this.

As a result, we learn from the acquired data quickly and apply continuous improvements, and achieve better results sooner. Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for us to do a lot for you business in order to win new customers, starting from a few hundred euros per month. Of course, we adapt the resources we use to the budget you make available for this purpose.

Getting started with digital marketing yourself?

Get five essential pieces of Digital Marketing advice for your business.


Digital marketing agency

Investing in digital marketing is essential for every business but ultimately it’s about the result versus the costs. No matter how small or large the investment is, as an digital marketing agency we have been able to generate at least ten times the additional revenue for every euro invested in digital marketing for almost every company within a few months. In fact, we have enough examples where this was even 50-fold or 100-fold.

Already gained experience with an digital marketing agency and did not achieve these resounding results? Unfortunately, we often see that. Usually, the problem is that there is thought from one or a few digital marketing resources. However, before they become customers, the potential customers’ process is like a tunnel or a funnel with many steps and contact moments. This is called the “Customer Journey”.

If you do not survey this whole process but only one or a few steps in it, there is a high risk that there will be bottlenecks somewhere else in the process where potential customers will drop. The approach of Stars of the Net covers the entire “Customer Journey”, measuring all the steps in this process continuously so that we open this funnel for all of your customers. This will solve all the bottlenecks and ensures success.

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