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18 years of experience with Google Adwords

We were there from the very beginning when Google Adwords became available in the Netherlands. Since 2004 we have seen all the developments in Google Adwords and other tools from Google. We have tested everything extensively in different companies and industries, so we know exactly what is working and, above all, not. Google Ads must be used differently for each target group to achieve the maximum result. Want to know more about Google Ads? Click here.

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Direct entries at Google

Over the years, we have had contact with hundreds of different Google employees with numerous specialisations. In the Netherlands, we have followed much training at Google. We have also been at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. As a result, the lines are terse and we know precisely which specialist we should have from Google.

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Customer Journey

Even when you only need us for 1 of our services, we zoom out and see what this one aspect plays in your customers total “customer journey”. This ensures that our digital marketing always matches what your potential customers expect from your business at that time and is therefore fully effective. See also our video on the homepage.

Customer Journey

Latest tools

Every Star of the Net employee is obliged to spend a fixed number of hours a week on technical development. As a result, we always use the latest tools. This will ensure that you as a company are always ahead of your competitors in the field of digital marketing.

Precursor with Artificial Intelligence

The possibilities of AI have evolved enormously in recent years. Our experience is that the processes that we have now acquired by AI have shown a massive improvement in the results. Not only have the results been greatly improved by Machine Learning because in a fraction of a second colossal amount of data can be processed about your potential customers, but it also takes us much less time to control your campaigns effectively. Therefore, these hours we save on manual work can be spent on better strategies and optimising our AI tools to achieve even more results for you.

Beste Online Marketing Bureau Tilburg

Focused on results

We do not like woolly marketing strategies based solely on more exposure, engagement or brand awareness at Stars of the Net. We know very well what matters for your company and that’s hard to convert, more purchases at the lowest possible cost. That’s why we send everything on data and only do things that deliver results. Direct, measurable and demonstrable. See our way of working.

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