Doctor Pest Control Group

Doctor Pest Control Group is a chain of pest control companies active in several countries. The company started in 2012 as a sole proprietorship and grew strongly in the years after that based on digital marketing.


Potential customers who suffer from pests have a wide variety of problems. A private person who suffers from wasps in the garden needs a very different approach than, for example, a production company that suffers from rats. Ultimately, the company wanted to address all the other target groups simultaneously.


At the start of the project, there was only one website for all types of customers and different types of pests that were fought. Stars of the Net has made sure that 14 other websites came in, making every potential customer feel directly addressed. Of course, all websites were easy to manage by one system.

Different marketing channels

Fourteen marketing channels were set up for the 14 other websites, each geared toward a target group. The marketing channel and website were perfectly connected. Additional marketing resources were used on the target group, such as Google Search, Display and Remarketing.


The improvements we made resulted in the company having a minimum turnover of 5 years each year, resulting in a medium-sized company with tens of thousands of customers per month, including Schiphol, Praxis, Bagels and Beans the Coffee Company.


The growth of digital marketing has made it increasingly difficult to find adequate staff in an increasingly tight labour market. To maintain the quality of the workforce, the standard was that only the best 1% of all applicants were offered a contract.een contract werd aangeboden. This meant that at one point, at least 2.000 applications per month had to be collected nationwide. Because Stars of the Net Recruiting Marketing started to use this goal , this allowed the recruiter team of Doctor Pest Control Group to focus entirely on the interviews, selection and employees.

Start Belgium and Germany

After a significant part of the Dutch market had been conquered, we were asked to expand abroad. We have successfully created all websites and marketing channels for Belgium and Germany. These needed to be fully adapted to the country concerned. Of course, complete with correct translations and Belgian and German contact details. Stars of the Net has also ensured that Flemish and German personnel were recruited so that employees from the countries concerned could also do the follow-up.

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i-Slide is a company that supplies electronics for water slides in large water parks worldwide. These include built-in games, light and sound effects and video projections in large-diameter water slides. The target groups are skid builders and water parks.


The potential customers consisted of a small group of several hundreds of mega-water parks and the top 6 of the world’s largest sliding track builders. Each project’s worth a few hundred thousand to several million euros in turnover. Often these projects are one-off, which means that new customers need to be recruited continuously.

Marketing strategy

An extraordinary approach was adopted for this hard-hitting B-to-B market, with a small fragmented group of potential customers being approached very intensively. Because the product was new and quite complicated, a professional animation video explained the product. This video was posted on the website. The sales team was working together to approach all exciting players in the market through telephone prospecting and exhibition visits. They were then escorted to the I-Slide website on their computer to watch the animation video.

The IP addresses of the key decision-makers of the world’s largest water parks were included in our remarketing lists by watching the video on the I-Slide website. These people were then shown several ads I-Slide on many websites and some promotional videos on Youtube several times a day. These advertisements were not aimed at the management of the water parks but rather at the visitors of the water parks. For example, an ad text could be: “Go to a water park near you, with I-Slide”.

As a result, it seemed to the few hundreds of decision-makers in the industry that the company was engaged in a global mega-campaign and couldn’t be left behind in purchasing their I-Slide system for their slides.

Because this so-called global “mega-campaign” only ran on a few hundred computers, marketing costs were very limited to just a few hundred euros per month.

The result

The result of the marketing campaign was that within a few months, 4 of the world’s five largest skid shoe builders wanted to start a partnership to sell the product to their customers. In addition, some of the world’s largest water parks were brought into the market, such as the world’s largest water park currently being built in Qatar.

Setting up marketing USA

Because most of the world’s giant slides are in the United States, the company wanted to set up an office in Orlando, Florida. Because Stars of the Net has much international experience with Recruiting Marketing, we have successfully recruited several employees in Orlando for the US sales team. We have also wholly customised the website and all marketing channels for the US market.

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Glamsmile Netherlands

Glamsmile is a worldwide concept for dental practices wholly specialised in cosmetic dentistry. The focus is on placing facings, where patients can put 6 to 20 facings. The target group of Glamsmile is wealthy individuals who value a beautiful bite. Often these are customers who do modelling work or regularly come on television for their work.

The challenge

Only a few thousand people a year in the Netherlands need a complete make-over, and for them it is no problem to pay € 5.000 to € 20.000. So this is truly a niche market with high-end customers with very high expectations.

Display Marketing

To attract many new visitors to the website, we used Display marketing. Target targeted targeting was essential to optimally and not waste a budget. We ensured that only people with the top 10% income, who were also interested in cosmetic surgery, were shown the ads. Due to the accurate targeting, we could approach the right target group with a limited budget very intensively. The people from the target group were presented with an advertisement of Glamsmile on several websites several times a day. Sometimes as much as 5 to 10 times a day.

Google Ads

Through Google Ads, we make sure that the company was always at the top of Google when searching for one of the more than 300 keywords, such as “facings”, “white teeth”, or “beautiful teeth”. That resulted in much high-quality traffic from people who were already looking for a complete make-over.

Conversion optimisation

We have also started working with the website of Glamsmile Netherlands. We made many changes through A/B testing and always looked at how people could quickly move through the website. move through the website more easily. This has allowed us to grow the conversion by 110% in a year. In other words, from the same number of visitors, we achieved more than 2x more leads and sales after a year by dramatically improving the flow through the website.


Since we saw that it took an average of 2 months for potential customers to make an appointment after their first contact on the website, it was vital to keep in touch with these people in the meantime. We have used Remarketing to do this. As a result, we kept approaching the people who once visited the website with new information about the treatment method. As a result, people came back to the website more often and eventually planned an appointment.


Because we got more visitors to the website and were at the top of Google and improved the website and people also came back to the website more often by Remarketing, within 12 months, it was possible to increase the number of leads from a few tens to more than 300 per month. This resulted in a ten-fold increase in sales for the placement of the invoices alone to the top of the 2 million euro.

In this way, Glamsmile became one of the most prominent players in the Netherlands. The Netherlands also became the most successful country of Glamsmile, of the 40 countries in which it operates. This while for years before, it had been tried in vain to get the concept off the ground in the Netherlands.

Recruiting Marketing

The success of digital marketing and the vast increase in sales naturally required more staff. This was a challenge as there is a lack of experienced dental assistants, practice managers and dentists in the Netherlands. However, through our unique method of Recruiting Marketing, it managed to recruit very professional Dutch dentists/implants within four months.

Because of the complex patented placement method of the facings, the dental assistants had to be very competent and experienced. As a result, six times in a row, it was possible to apply for more than 50 dentist assistants within 48 hours, which could eventually contract 1 or 2 competent assistants. As a result, the workforce grew with the number of new patients.

Training Smileconsultancy

We also trained the staff to convert the hundreds of leads per month into satisfied patients. In addition, Stars of the Net has much experience with marketing and commercial dentistry routes, enabling us to offer extra added value for parties in this industry.

These “Smile consultants” called the leads to schedule appointments. These “Smile consultants” called the leads to schedule appointments. At the first appointment, the “Smile consultants” were able to pre-select the patients on the suitability of the teeth, inform the patient about the treatment process, identify the cost and the patient’s wishes. So at this stage, no precious dentist time was lost and more suitable and knowledgeable patients came to the dentists. Who could then further determine the suitability of the patients and possibly immediately start the treatment process.

See for who else we worked? Look at the bottom of the homepage. is a webshop for garden plants. Their customers no longer have to go to a garden center but can order their plants online at and have them delivered at home. Their customers no longer have to go to a garden center but can order their plants online at and have them delivered at home. Hun klanten hoeven niet meer naar een tuincentrum maar kunnen hun planten bij online bestellen en thuis laten bezorgen.

recruiting marketing

First a manager had to be recruited for This had to be a young person with leadership qualities. Stars of the Net has prepared everything in advance to be able to start the Recruiting Marketing campaign. Once the campaign was started, it yielded 167 candidates within 24 hours. After that, the campaign was quickly launched, because an interview with 6 suitable candidates could already be scheduled, from which the perfect candidate could be contracted within a week.

In another recruitment campaign for, more than 300 candidates were counted for a lower position within 48 hours. Ultimately, 11 suitable candidates were hired from these candidates, which significantly supplemented the workforce with a quality boost. The total cost of this was less than €2,000 for the entire campaign, or less than €200 per filled vacancy.


Also at, Stars of the Net successfully set up a German website and marketing campaign for with Google Shopping, Google Display, Search and Remarketing. As a result, a large part of the turnover from orders now comes from Germany.

Conversion optimisation

Our free advice on removing bottlenecks on the website was immediately followed and from this a conversion increase of several tens of percent was immediately achieved for the same amount of website traffic. This means hundreds of thousands of euros in free extra turnover on an annual basis.