Conversion optimisation

A website is often used as just an online business card or signboard. At Stars of the Net, we think a website should deliver as many customers as possible. A website should generate interest, inform and encourage action. Such an action can range from requesting a quote to making an online purchase immediately. This is called a conversion.

Many things are essential to optimise a website and convert as many visitors as possible. Before people purchase, they often return to your website several times. Each time they come back, they have a little more knowledge about your company and your product or service. They want to see new information.

Marketing Funnel

Customer Journey

Conversion optimisation ensures that the page of a website matches what that person wants to see at that time. After that, the person is guided to the next page, taking him one step further in the “customer journey”. These steps must be logical and fluid in each other. So that potential customers can easily roll through the buying process. They should not be subjected to any resistance. A click too much, too long loading time, or information at the wrong time can already cause previously interested customers to hook off.

Our brain

Many unconscious processes also play with our brain and conscious processes. They greatly influence whether or not we purchase from a company. Stars of the Net adjust everything so that a potential customer is optimally seduced to do business with your business. All barriers that prevent this are removed. The position of certain features on your website will be optimised and then tested for example: the page layout, colours, images and call-to-action buttons.

Conversion optimisation

A/B Testing

We do that with “a/B testing”. With a/B-testing, we send a part of the visitors about the old version of the website and detail about the adapted variant. We can then make many things out of the data. This is how we measure the same benefit that this brings. We use this to measure exactly how much benefit this yields. Together by continuously doing a/B testing, we learn better how your customers think. And we understand how they move through your website. This means that we are getting more and more conversions from the same amount of visitors.


You only have costs during optimisation with conversion optimisation. If you stop doing so, you will no longer have to pay for it. At the same time, you enjoy the advantage of higher conversion and sales. If you are doing conversion optimisation and digital marketing simultaneously, you will have more visitors, yield more returns per visitor. An exponential increase in customers and revenue is the result.

How do Stars of the Net address this?

If we optimise your website for conversions, we will place several tools on your website. We will use this to map the behaviour of your visitors fully. What don’t visitors convert? And Why not? For example, is this functionality? Doesn’t the information on a page match what a visitor wants to see? We also look at the opportunities that still exist. For example can we encourage visitors to convert more easily with psychological tricks?

Here’s a complete plan on how we can improve your website. We’ll discuss this with you and we will schedule when we make changes to your website. We make minor changes ourselves. For significant changes, we work with your web builder. We do this through one of our partner companies if that is out of sight.

One at a time we will introduce the changes. We always test them using a/B testing. As a result more and more leads and customers are coming from your website. We can measure precisely how much more it is. We will report this to you. We can often get 2x as many customers from a website as before, sometimes even more. This effect is permanent without further marketing costs in the future. Curious about the cost of Conversion Optimisation? Then go back to the homepage.

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