Google Display

Google Display If you want to create new customers by creating new target groups or building a brand, advertising through the Google Display Network is perfect for your business.

Display advertising places your advertising banners on other websites. The advantage of this is that screening is free. Only when clicked, you pay a small fee. This fee per click you can decide yourself, for example, € 0,05 or € 0,20. This allows you to set which target groups you see banners. As a result, you only pay for people interested in your product or service. Therefore, small businesses can quickly gain a considerable reputation or build a brand. Accordingly, display advertising is a perfect way to attract new potential customers who are not yet familiar with your product/service to your website.

Google Display Network

What is Display?

Over 2.000.000 websites are connected to the Google Display Network. This means that these websites have their advertising banners auctioned via Google. Most of the advertisements you see on websites in the Netherlands are Google Display. Here are some examples of websites that display advertising banners from Google Display:

Youtube Marktplaats Telegraaf Startpagina
Buienradar Funda
RTLnieuws Volkskrant Buienalarm
Smulweb Kieskeurig
Weeronline Metronieuws
Gezondheidsnet Autoweek

How does Google Display work?

Not everyone will see the same advertising banners on these websites. This is because you get banners that best suit your online behaviour. Google keeps track of all kinds of data for you. Then Google will create a profile of you based on your search behaviour, the websites you visit and the actions you take on these websites.

Furthermore, Google knows their online behaviour from other people who have made a particular purchase before purchasing that product or service. Based on this, Google will score how likely you will buy a specific product, but, again, Google often knows this before you know it.

Advertisers can show that people who know Google is likely to buy a particular product to specific ads related to that product. This is about delivering the right ad, to the right people, at the right time. Go to the home page and click on the video to see how it works.

Adverteren Display
Google Display Netwerk

What can I do as a company with Google Display?

Through Stars of the Net, you can use Google Display for advertising to new groups of customers, whom you don’t know yet but whom Google knows should be interested in your product. By only paying when people click on it and show the ad is free, you can quickly get to millions of people on their screen and create a lot of brand awareness. As a result, companies can use it for branding, which is not meant to be clicked on the ad but people only see the ad. In addition, a significant advantage is that Google Display is also very affordable for smaller companies. When you very intensively target a limited target group, you can get to all those people on the screen for little money several times a day.

How do Stars of the Net address this?

Before we go into the display network, let’s first find out where exactly your target group is and how these people behave online. Then we will find out what online behaviour precedes buying similar products or services. Next, we will focus on “targeting” the right people.




For the different phases of the “customer journey”, we create banners with a message that responds precisely to the potential customer’s needs at that time of their thinking process. That way we deliver the good news, at the right time, for the right target groups. Click here for our method.

We create a complete safety net for all potential customers for your product/service. As a result, your company cannot turn your attention away from anyone in your target group. Instead, we raise interest and ensure it also comes into our “marketing tunnel” even with potential customers who have never heard of your company before. That’s why Display advertising is very suitable to keep up with potential customers and interest utterly new target groups. We can achieve many results on a limited budget by focusing very closely.

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