Magento 2 Webshop

Situations in which you have a Magento 2 webshop built:

1. You currently have a Magento 1 webshop. Unfortunately, you have little choice. As of June 1 2020, Magento 1 will no longer be supported and Magento 1 will have no updates.

2. You have a webshop of another platform such as Woocommerce or Shopify and you want to professionalise.

3. You start a new webshop and you want to tackle it professionally immediately so that your webshop is ready for future growth.

What is Magento 2?

Magento is a platform for webshops that works with the EAV database model. This model ensures that webshops with many articles or in different languages maintain their speed and short loading time pages.

The speed of a webshop is crucial to its success. Researchers have shown that for every 0,1 seconds it takes longer to load pages, the probability of conversion is reduced by 7%. When the loading time of the home page increases to 2 seconds, 53% of the traffic is hooked. Magento 2 ensures that the loading time of the pages of your new webshop remains as low as possible.

In addition, Magento also provides links with inventory management and accounting systems so that as your business grows, everything remains to be managed and there is a lot to be automated. This makes Magento by far the most commonly used system for professional webshops.

Benefits Magento 2

  • Fast charging time
  • Works with a variety of devices
  • Easily add and configure products.
  • Many API links are possible, for example, with the inventory system and accounting.
  • Extensive SEO capabilities so your site can readily be displayed high in Google.
  • There are numerous links with digital marketing systems for better digital marketing opportunities, such as Google Shopping or Mailchimp.
  • Videos are easy to place on your webshop.
  • Perfect for selling many and different items in multiple countries at once.
  • Virtually all conceivable technical functionalities are possible such as chat, customer reviews, video applications, a/B testing, search functions, related products, blogs, discount codes, gift cards, multiple languages and social media links.

How do Stars of the Net address this?

We will discuss all your wishes and expectations before creating a new Magento 2 webshop for your company. After that, we will look at the different customer flows, what target groups we can appeal to, and how your potential customers are moving online. Finally, we start with the design when we have a good idea.


First, we create a graphic design of the different pages then, we will make several designs, discuss your progress and adjust to the maximum if you want to do this. Only when you are delighted with the graphic design of your webshop will we continue the process.

We have much experience with migrating existing and completely new websites. If desired, we can even develop an entirely new corporate identity for your webshop that perfectly suits your target group.

Conversion optimisation

We have many years of experience in optimising webshops, so we design the structure of your webshop as optimal as possible for conversion from the beginning. Without obstacles, we map the visitor streams in advance and make them as easy and fast as possible. Setting up your webshop’s structure in this way will yield much more against a much more favourable ROI.


We anticipate the unconscious behaviour of your website visitors through tricks that have emerged from psychological studies. This makes your website a real conversion machine and you get the most out of your investment.

Digital marketing Specialists

Our digital marketing specialists are involved in building your new webshop. This will ensure that the webshop matches exactly the digital marketing channels you wish to use later. This provides a smooth transition to your customer’s purchasing process and a higher return on future digital marketing activities. In addition, your webshop is automatically technically optimised for SEO so that you are also organically easy to find.

Test procedure

Before we deliver your new webshop, this is going through a comprehensive test procedure that will make your webshop work right on the different browsers and devices when it is delivered.

Extension possible

Our specialists make your webshop flexible and make it easy to expand, allowing you to grow your business. As a result, your webshop is directly suitable for expansion to other countries and more products. For example, many of our customers have grown from small Dutch to large international ones.


Due to the loss of support for Magento 1, many webshops migrate to Magento 2. This means that there is much demand for website builders Despite the possibility of asking for an extremely high price, we believe in honest and long-term relationships with Stars of the Net. Therefore we ask for a fair price for constructing a new webshop.

We are convinced that we always offer the best price/quality ratio for a Magento 2 webshop. So let us convince you and make an appointment for an introductory meeting. Then we will immediately make a very competitive quote for you.

Advantages of a Stars of the Net Magento 2 webshop:

Low price
High quality graphic design
Optimized for online marketing
Fast delivery
Mobile first
Curious what we can do for your business? Schedule an appointment with one of our Magento 2 specialists without any obligation and receive a competitive quote immediately after one conversation. Schedule appointment