New website working method

Should you want to know what we can do for your business? Schedule a telephone consultation or a personal appointment with a specialist. Click here for the possibilities for an appointment.

Telephone consultation

The contact page allows you to schedule a direct telephone consultation. During this consultation, we will map your wishes for a new website. First, we can discuss what functionalities are essential to your company. Then we will look at the best next steps, and we can schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

Appointment with a specialist

Need for personal contact? Schedule an appointmentwith one of our specialists. Together we discuss all your needs regarding the functionalities and appearance of your new website. Next, we will look at the different customer flows, what target groups we can appeal to and how your potential customers can access the new website. Finally, we explain exactly how we proceed. After this conversation, we can immediately make an exact quote for you.


We will make a quotation for you if we know your wishes, including all the different costs. Do you agree to the quote? Then we can start building your new website immediately.


Kick-off meeting

After approval of the offer, we immediately schedule a kick-off meeting with all stakeholders. During this meeting, we ask you many questions. We extract all the information and data from you (and any colleagues), which we will need during the follow-up process. This allows us to start working independently, and you have little to look at it yourself. So you can focus on other activities again.

Design phase

When all your wishes and expectations are clear, you agree to the offer and we have identified all the requirements, we can start designing. First, we create a graphic design of all the different pages. Then, if desired, we can create multiple strategies that allow you to choose and adjust as much as you like. We begin to build your new website only when you are delighted with the design.


As we build your new website, we consider the digital marketing channels you wish to use later and make sure your website is flexible so that it is easy to expand. So there is room for the growth of your business. . In the structure, we ensure that your potential customers are tempted to convert and become customers as much as possible. We can build all the applications on your website entirely for your customers or your customers so that every part of your website is perfectly tailored to your business and your customers. While building your website, we always keep you informed of the progress.


Before we deliver your new website, it undergoes extensive inspection and control. All applications, capabilities and buttons are tested to ensure that your new website works correctly. In addition, your website will undergo a test procedure on most browsers and devices. As a result, we can guarantee that your website will work perfectly on the most commonly used devices and browsers.


Discuss all your requirements in detail and make the most of your design before building your new website. Then, we can deliver your website relatively quickly. This allows you to start winning many new customers rapidly.

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