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Do you struggle to find new staff?

With online marketing, we provide a lot of applicants within days who are eager to work for you. This even works for vacancies that are very hard to fill. We also advise you in the subsequent selection process, so that you can sign the first employment contract within one or two weeks. Speed is key when you are recruiting employees.

We from Stars of the Net experience every day that selecting the right employees is one of the most important success factors for every company. Everyone wants the best staff of course. This starts with the largest possible number of motivated candidates. To find the best employees, you must first have some candidates to choose from. Due to the current labor shortage, many employers and recruitment agencies are chasing the same candidates. We believe that candidates should follow the companies they like. Next to that, they have to consciously apply for a job. This is in our opinion the only way to get the most motivated applicants. As an employer, you stay in control during the recruitment process.

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What is recruitment marketing?

Recruiting the right employees starts with a large number of motivated candidates. Recruitment marketing takes care of this. Your company and position will be shown in the spotlight in a positive way among target groups of candidates that you consider suitable for the position. When recruitment marketing is performed well, it ensures that suitable candidates are enthusiastic to apply because they want to work for your company.

Who is recruitment marketing aimed at?

Many companies are looking for staff. Multinationals often have extensive recruitment and marketing teams that attract the best candidates. As a result, there is not much left for the smaller companies. Do you experience trouble finding staff? Then Stars of the Net can use recruitment marketing to make sure you attract the best applicants. As an employer, you will be competing directly with the big companies. We also have a great deal of experience in recruiting for very difficult-to-fill vacancies. So, if you are looking for staff, we can quickly arrange this for you.

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What is in it for me?

When we start our recruitment marketing, it delivers results very quickly. Applications will come in within the first hour and within one or two days there will be many. How many depends on the position and the competition from other companies. Usually, this varies from few dozen to a few hundred in 24 or 48 hours. When the marketing campaigns are ready and we are going to “open” everything, we advise our clients to keep enough space in their agenda. That way, there is enough time to select all the CVs (Curriculum Vitae’s) and schedule the interviews/meetings.

How does Stars of the Net approach recruitment marketing?

Over the years, Stars of the Net has developed a unique formula for staff recruitment. It guarantees results. The details of this formula are company secrets. However, we can describe its main features.

Appealing to the right people
With recruitment marketing, we first look for where the best candidates are. Ultimately, we want to appeal to the people who are suitable for the job. We identify the right target groups digitally based on your preferences. We then use our algorithm to select the right candidates and target them accurately. The algorithm analyses the online behaviour of millions of people. Based on function, experience, interests and character it makes a list of candidates who are potentially the most suitable.

As with customer recruitment, your company also competes with other companies to recruit staff. After all, anyone looking for a job will almost always apply to several companies. We look at your company through the eyes of a candidate. We also look at the competition where he or she could also apply. Through recruitment marketing, Stars of the Net ensures that your company always stands out as the best potential employer in the eyes of certain candidates.

We present your company to the targeted audience in a way that precisely matches the right candidates. Every company has certain advantages for an employee to work there. We make sure that their interests will match what they are looking for.   Because every detail can easily turn a candidate’s perception. And besides the salary, an initial feeling with the company culture and the development opportunities within your company are decisive.

After we have got candidates their interest, we also want to keep them. With intelligent retargeting techniques, we make sure that we constantly bring information about working at your company to the candidate’s attention. We use different channels for this, depending on the target audience. The candidate sees your company on his screen several times a day with messages that increase the motivation to want to work for you. If a candidate had not yet applied, he/she will still do so. If a candidate had applied in the meantime, we make sure to keep him/her motivated during the application process and he/she will not easily choose another employer.

Job interviews
Once started, our system works very fast. Within 24 to 48 hours, a lot of CVs will have been received. In our experience, the very best candidates are already hired elsewhere within 2 weeks of applying. This is not your company’s fault. It is simply in human nature to choose security. If there are concrete offers from other employers and the applicant does not yet know whether you are going to offer him a contract, you can easily miss out on your new star. That is why our advice is: ‘speed’.

After 48 hours of collecting CVs, we recommend starting selecting immediately and scheduling the first round of interviews. With the best candidates, we recommend scheduling a follow-up interview within a few days. Then, with sufficient care, we will offer an employment contract to the most suitable candidate(s) within 1.5 to 2 weeks after the start of the process. We always communicate with you very closely during the process to get the timing perfect. You tell us when you want the new employee(s) to start, and we will then calculate exactly when we need to start the recruitment marketing.

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