Houtwormcentrale B.V.
Statement Rein van Groenendael:

"At first, we did Google Ads ourselves and did get some customers out of it. When I started working with Stars of the Net, I was quite sceptical at first. But, they immediately started working with my account expeditious and within a month, I noticed that I got more customer calls. After two months, it became harder to handle the amount of customers and I am now considering to hire several additional employees. After only a few months, my revenue has grown with € 30.000 per month, whereas this is normally a quiet time of the year for me. I only pay Stars of the Net €750 per month for this and they easily earn that back by saving me over €2.000 on Google costs. For me, hiring Stars of the Net has by far been my best investment ever. And they still have a whole plan with Improvements for the rest of the year. In short, I'm delighted with the collaboration and thanks to them, my company has now become very successful."


- € 2.000,-
+ € 30.000,-
Within two months

Sales +171%
ASD Delivery Service
Statement Kenneth van Swieten:

"I have been looking for new staff for months, but with the shortage in the labour market, I have received only a few applications in the recent months. When I enabled Stars of the Net, they started a small marketing campaign for me and within two days, I received 135 job applications. Within a week, I had hired four good people and my staff shortage has completely resolved. I never expected to see these results for little money this fast."


135 applicants
Within 48 hours

Fullcartuning B.V.
Statement Sander Koelemij:

"Fullcartuning has been selling car tuning components to car enthusiasts in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Scandinavia since 2003. Because our customers know the market well and the companies that operate in it, it is not easy to tap into new groups of customers. Therefore, annual growth of around 10% has proven the maximum achievable for our company in recent years. We had been advertising on Google before but this often costed more than we received from it. Since Stars of the Net has started working for us, we have grown by around 30 to 60% per year. As a result, goals that seemed to be very far away have suddenly become reality and the step toward a new business edge is now closer than ever."


Revenue growth
From 10% each year
To 30-60% each year