Google Ads

94% of the Dutch adults are on the Internet on average 4 hours and 50 minutes a day. 92,5% of all searches are done through Google.

In most cases, Google Ads starts an online trip searching for a product or service.

The significant advantage of advertising on Google Ads is that when someone is looking for your product or service, you always get to the person in the picture at the right time. In addition, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad you decide how much such a visitor is allowed to cost you.

Google Ads Specialist

How does advertising work on Google?

You can (of course) try to reach the top of Google organically. You will need to optimise your website for this and, above all, make sure that there are many links from other websites to your website (this is the basis on which Google bases its ranking). This is often an expensive and time-consuming process. You can also buy a top position on Google and be right at the top of specific keywords. You don’t pay if people only see your ad, but only when people click it.

You can decide the amount you pay. For keywords that generate many customers, you pay more and for keywords that yield less, you pay per click less or don’t advertise at all.

The number of visitors on your website says little. It is mainly about the interest or value of that visitor. For example, one visitor may only be worth 1 cent and the other a few euros. From the data, we can see that visitors are valuable and generate much revenue, which are not beneficial. Here we will adjust the cost per click to pay less than the visitor’s value for your business.

Whom would you like to advertise on Google?

For companies that don’t advertise on Google yet, the first step on Google Ads always leads to significant growth (if this is well addressed). In particular, consumer-oriented companies often have new customers within 1 or 2 months and this number is growing strongly in the months after.

Business-to-Business companies sometimes take a little longer, depending on how long a “customer journey” takes. For example, when potential customers require an average of 6 months to decide whether to do business, the first orders can, of course, only be written at least six months after the campaign starts—however, the number of leads and inquiries increases in the first or second month. We can also improve companies that already advertise through Google Ads.e however e,the number of leads and inquiries increases in the first orsecond month. We can also improve companies that already advertise through Google Ads.

Adwords Specialist

What does it yield?

Because advertising on Google Ads is primarily data-driven, we know exactly what it costs and what it delivers. For example, we can see if a keyword yields little and how an ad text performs compared to other ads. Everything we do is done based on hard figures. Therefore, we can accurately determine how much revenue you earn at what cost.

For example, we can ensure that you get 30 euros worth of advertising at every euro or we make the ratio 1 to 20 for example. You decide for yourself. However, the smaller the balance, the higher the total turnover you get with it.

For example, we start with € 500 in costs and with this, we will win € 20.000 in sales for you. If you want to achieve more sales, we may need to spend € 2.000 to achieve € 50.000 sales. You will then pay € 1.500 extra to get € 30.000 additional turnover. If you have a large margin on your product or service, a factor of 1 on 20 is not a problem; if you work with small margins, we may just have to keep that factor 1 on 40.

How do Stars of the Net address this?

Advertising on Google has been possible in the Netherlands since 2004. In the same year, we also started advertising on Google Adwords. Over the years, advertising via Google Ads has become increasingly complex. Stars of the Net, therefore uses much intelligent software to convert the data that comes into Google Ads into as many conversions/purchases as possible at the lowest possible cost.

Because of this increasing complexity, many companies today have bad experiences with Google Ads, they find it too expensive and it doesn’t deliver enough but because Stars of the Net is ahead of other digital marketing agencies, applies advanced AI techniques and has many direct lines with Google. We can guarantee a profitable Google Ads campaign for every company in every industry.

Before we set up a Google Ads campaign for your business, first, we have a comprehensive discussion about who your target groups are and we will check out what journey they are travelling online before they become your customer, then we determine which keywords to advertise in the smartest way with an intelligent tool. Of course, you can also decide which keywords are used. Finally, we create a plan based on your potential customers “customer journey”. Like the plan? Then let’s get started! With our software program, we focus on everything.

We create a separate ad group with multiple ads and ad types for each keyword. This will ensure that you get a high-quality score and we will beat the competition because we pay less for a higher position. Right after everything is set up, you can be found at the top of Google. Then we’ll continue to optimise everything so that you can get more and more customers out of less and lower costs. Finally, the results are always reported to you so that you can keep track of your investment yields. Read more about this on the homepage.


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