WordPress Website

With a new WordPress website from Stars of the Net, you have the opportunity to add all existing functionalities to your websites, such as a chat function, experiences, and linked appointment systems. These capabilities are tailored to your business, enabling you to target new customers and revenue. It will not only make your website a sign or business card but a real conversion machine. Because the website is built from a digital marketing thought, your website is ready to pick up many conversions for your business.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used platform for building, maintaining and managing websites worldwide. The popularity of WordPress has made sure that many different plug-ins and widgets have been developed. Moreover, it gives you the possibility to link all possible functionalities to your website at a relatively low price.

Because we write code at Stars of the Net, we can build any missing functionalities ourselves, giving you all the possible applications that fit your business. Because WordPress is always in development, your website is always equipped with the latest possibilities. In addition, the program has a positive impact on your company’s online traceability.

For whom is a WordPress website suitable?

Non-webshop companies mainly use a WordPress website to offer a service or sell a customised specific product. However, if you have a company with a webshop, it is advisable to have a Magento 2 webshop/website created. See the page about Magento2 for the benefits and possibilities.

What are the possibilities when I make a WordPress website by Stars of the Net?

Appointment System

Our tools allow your customers to schedule an appointment directly from the website that you can then approve.


It is possible to place a customised chat feature to your company on your website, so you can always be easily accessible to your customers.


Another possibility is to leave reviews/experiences by customers. These experiences can easily be placed on the website after approval.

Video integration

A WordPress website is perfect for displaying moving images.

Easy expansion of functionalities

The existence of many different plug-ins makes it possible to add virtually any functionality to your website. Furthermore Stars of the Net can customise it to your needs if you like.

Other languages

WordPress is excellent for using your website internationally. We can quickly scale your new website to multiple languages to attract more customers from outside the Netherlands. (From abroad)

SEO optimisation

At Stars of the Net, we SEO-optimize your new website by default so that it is easy to find online.

Cooperation between other parties

You can always easily have your new website managed by another web builder if you want to. In addition there is a massive amount of support from other parties.

A WordPress website by Stars of the Net

At Stars of the Net, we can use all existing WordPress functionalities for your new website, which makes it relatively cheap. In addition to writing in code, we can ultimately build these applications or customise them so that all components are perfectly tailored to your business and your customers.

  • Flexible, our specialists make your website flexible and make it easy to expand, allowing you to grow your business.


  • Perfect design, our graphic designers design a website that perfectly matches your potential customers. Unlike many other web designers, we don’t work with templates because we believe your website should perfectly fit your business and target group.


  • If desired, Brand identity can design a completely new house style for you that fits perfectly with your new website.


  • In addition to implementing existing functionalities, our developers can also build entirely new applications for WordPress themselves. That makes it possible to implement all the functionalities that suit your company on your website at a relatively low price.


  • Digital marketing structure: We design the website structure from a marketing thought. This marketing-oriented organisation ensures that the website can deliver many conversions without compromising the customer experience. As a result, your website has been optimised for conversion right away.


  • Maximum conversions make it easy for potential customers to move through your website without obstacles and get precisely the correct information at the right time. That ensures that visitors to your website are tempted to convert and become customers.


  • In psychological research, we respond to the unconscious behaviour of your website visitors using tricks that have resulted from psychological studies. It makes your website a real customer machine, and you get the most out of your investment.


How do Stars of the Net address this?

Before creating a new WordPress website for your company, we discuss your wishes and expectations. After that, we will look at the different customer flows, what target groups we can appeal to, and how your potential customers are moving online. Finally, we start with the design when we have a good idea.

By paying attention to all the different parts of the website, it has been fully optimised from the start and optimised for SEO, all aimed at your company and your customers, and it also looks esthetically pleasing. You will, of course, be kept informed of progress and follow-up steps as you go through the various stages.

If desired, several designs follow your inspection and choice when ready. Then, after your approval, we can get started immediately before you so that your company can quickly begin to win many new customers.

Curious what we can do for your business? Schedule an appointment with one of our WordPress specialists and receive a competitive quote after one conversation. Schedule appointment