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Consult by phone

Telephone consultation

You can schedule an appointment directly from the contact page for a telephone consultation. If you want you can already start today. Together we will then map out which customers you want to win. We can discuss whether digital marketing is right for your business and which channels work best for you. We’ll give you a few tips straight away. If you already know which digital marketing channel you want to use, we can tell you how to handle it and what results from we can achieve. Then we will look at what the best next steps might be. This is also the perfect opportunity to ask all your questions in advance. For example, about our company and the possible costs. Here we will be happy to help you. Do you just have a simple question? Fill in the call me back form on the right and we’ll call you back.

Appointment with specialist

Need for personal contact? Schedule an appointment with one of our specialists by phone or our online appointment system. Together we discuss your objectives and how they can be achieved through digital marketing. First, we will provide an overview of your customers’ “customer journey” before buying your product or service. Then we will look at how we can influence this as much as possible through digital marketing. Finally, we will explain to you exactly how we proceed. After this conversation, we can immediately make an exact quote for you.

Online Marketing Consultation
Online Marketing Quote


We will make a quotation for you if we know your wishes, including all the different costs. Do you agree to the quote? Then we can get started to win customers for you.

Kick-off meeting

After approval of the offer, we immediately schedule a kick-off meeting with all stakeholders. During this meeting, we ask you many questions. We extract all the information and data from you (and any colleagues), which we will need during the follow-up process. This allows us to start working independently, and you have little to look at it yourself. So you can focus on other activities again.

Start-up phase

After the kick-off meeting, we will start to create all the ads and set up everything. Everything must be set up before opening up the marketing channels once this is done. We let you check everything, and we will possibly customise ads based on your needs just as long as you agree to this 100%. Then we will do everything we can and we will continuously optimise all marketing actions based on the data that comes in.

Monthly reporting

Of course, you want to stay up to date on how your investment is profitable. Therefore, we report our results to you monthly. In addition, we usually have contact by phone to discuss the progress and see any other wishes.

Strategic consultation

At least every three months, we have strategic consultations. If desired, this can, of course, be done more often. During a strategic consultation, we analyse the data from the past period and determine what we need to adjust accordingly. We would also like to know what’s going on in your company so that we can get the most out of it. For example, is the pace at which we drive customers in line with the growth in capacity within your business? Does marketing fit seamlessly with sales? Are we still on the right target groups or do you want to switch to them? We also want to know if you are satisfied with the cooperation, and we keep our work critically under review.

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