A 30-second video has as much impact as 900.000 words. That’s why companies are massively involved in video marketing and advertising on YouTube. As a result, more than 80% of all Internet traffic is video.

After Google, YouTube is now the most used search engine. Worldwide, 1,5 billion people are on YouTube daily and spend more than an hour on average per day.

YouTube is the perfect channel for intensive contact with your potential customers. The significant advantage of advertising on YouTube, it’s still very cheap. At YouTube, you only pay if people are interested in your company. For just a “view”, you don’t pay anything. Only when people watch your video for more than 30 seconds or click on your website will you pay for it. In addition to several large companies, only a few parties advertise on YouTube. As a result, there is still little competition, and you pay a low amount per click.

Stars of the Net can “target your target group very accurately”. This will only show your video to people with particular interests or in a specific region. So no advertising money is lost.


For who is advertising on Youtube suitable?

Advertising on Youtube is, among other things, very suitable for approaching a small specific target group very intensively. For example, for B-to-B journeys with a high turnover per customer. For instance, we can only show the video to potential customers who have visited a particular page on your website. However, we can show them your video more often. Or just if you want to build a brand. Then we can deliver the video to millions of people at a still limited cost. Remember, you don’t pay per “view”, but only if people are interested and click through to your website. This allows you to reach millions of people quickly on a budget. As with Display Marketing, for example.

What are the benefits of advertising on Youtube?

  1. Because mainly multinationals still advertise on YouTube, you radiate a lot of authority with this.
  2. A video has many times more impact on your customers than an image or text ad, so you stick much better in the mind of the customer.
  3. You can explain much better in a video how your product or service works exactly. For example, look at our homepage.
  4. Many people are not aware that only they see the video and their neighbor sees other videos. Because of this, they often think that you are doing a large national marketing campaign. While you may be betting on a few hundred very specific people, who you know are highly qualified to become a customer.
Youtube Adverteren

How do Stars of the Net address this?

Together with you, we think of whom you want to reach. . Also, what message do you want to convey? Maybe you already have a video that’s right for you? If not, we’ll help you make it. Then we will look at whether you want to target a lot of new target groups. Perhaps you want to brand yourself with existing target groups or you want to encourage a specific group of potential customers to take action or purchase your product directly.

We decide whether to reach prominent people at a meagre cost per click or that we want to approach a small group of people very intensively. We can make sure your potential customers see your video several times a day if you wish.

With special tools, we set up advertising on Youtube. After that, we will always report how many people have seen your video, how much interest there was and how many conversions or purchases it has led.

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